Yesterday, a video surfaced of a 14 year-old Justin Bieber singing about killing black people and joining the KKK.

While this has understandably caused a bit of an uproar, (as much as celebrity gossip can cause an uproar) Mike Tyson is willing to forgive Bieber for his “mistake.”

Because young people mistakenly sing about murdering minorities and joining hate groups all the time. Boys will be boys and all that.

Tyson decided to voice his opinion after watching Whoopi Goldberg discuss the video of Justin’s racially charged parody of “One Less Lonely Girl” back when he was 14. 

Whoopi had said Bieber’s youth and Canadian-ness factored into why he thought it may have been OK to use the word at the time … but believes that he’s since learned the word is off-limits. 

Tyson agreed — tweeting, “I agree with you @whoopigoldberg. We all make mistakes and I believe @justinbieber is learning.”

Oh yeah, forgot that one. Justin Bieber clearly didn’t know any better BECAUSE HE’S CANADIAN and Canadians can’t be expected to know the intricacies of American racial politics such as not joking about killing black people.