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In an odd sequence of events during last night’s Red Sox-Indians game in Cleveland, Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski was ejected by home plate umpire Quinn Wolcott after a four-pitch walk in the sixth inning (video here). It was quite the surprise ejection considering Pierzynski merely appeared to ask Wolcott for a new ball before he was sent to the showers early.

However, a lip-reading of Wolcott’s explanation to John Farrell (below) tips us off that it was what Pierzynski said to Wolcott while asking for a new ball that got him tossed:

“Give me ball, one you can f**king see.”

Pierzynski denied saying it, but it’s hard to imagine Walcott making that up…especially when he received complaints about his strike zone from both sides all night long. While that’s a pretty hilarious line from the veteran catcher, it’s also probably one that he should only use when he wants to head to the clubhouse early.

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[h/t Thunder Treats]