LeBron James

App developer Zedge recently did an in-depth analysis of which teams in the NBA have the most apps dedicated to them, who has the most rating, who has the highest average rating and who has the most downloads.

There were some results which surprised and some which didn’t.

Screenshot 2014-06-05 at use

Out of the top ten teams in the league, the Miami Heat predictably lead the way in number of team-based apps, total number of ratings and downloads. LeBron is almost as good at moving apps as he is at playing ball. At the very least, he’s probably responsible for half the searches for Heat-based apps thanks to Samsung:

Despite having less than ten apps available, the Trail Blazers rounded out the top ten in total downloads which really goes to show that the Portland area loves their Blazers but don’t like creating apps to express their fan-hood. They are probably too busy making Damian Lillard inspired artisan cheeses.

The biggest surprises may well be who’s missing from the top ten.

If this analysis paints a clear picture of anything, it’s that apps (and those that download them) have a bandwagoning tendency. The top ten listed above all made the playoffs this year. Big market teams who struggled this season like the Knicks, Celtics and Lakers are nowhere to be found despite their much more widespread popularity.



But then again, it’s hard to fault Lakers fans, Celtics fans or Knicks fans for not downloading apps of their teams right now. After all, does a Lakers fan really want a notification that Andrew Bynum wants to return to the Lakers? Does a Knicks fan need reminders of how discontent Carmelo Anthony might be? Do Celtics fans need to get up-to-the-minute updates of Rajon Rondo’s lunch?

Probably not.

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