It’s hard to fault StubHub for someone else’s inability to to proofread their ticket sales but it’s also hard to fault someone for feeling like they missed out on the bargain of a life time.

Kavi Arora was searching for some Stanley Cup tickets when he saw one deal that was too good to pass up: $1 per seat. He grabbed four for the price of a large drink at Starbucks (minus the service and delivery fees):


Unfortunately for Arora, StubHub contacted him the next day to revoke the sale. This isn’t unprecedented. StubHub’s usual practice in these cases is to compensate the buyer with comparable seats or a refund. Considering that Stanley Cup tickets are going for hundred and hundreds of dollars at MSG, guess which route StubHub went.

Arora got his $12.20 back and StubHub offered to compensate him with a $300 voucher which isn’t good enough to purchase even one ticket for the possible Game 6 (tickets for that theoretical game start at $1,700 on StubHub).

Needless to say, Arora isn’t budging and is hoping that StubHub will reconsider. Perhaps StubHub could offer a tutorial on how to use number pads for its sellers in the future to help prevent stuff like this from happening again.


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