This doesn’t seem like your typical backyard Wiffle Ball game. There is a field complete with batters boxes, bases, an outfield fences and foul poles and, yes, even an umpire.

You wouldn’t normally consider the job of Wiffle Ball umpire to come with many occupational hazards – maybe a sunburn – but this video might change your mind. The ump in charge of this game took a screaming line drive straight to the nuts, and it doesn’t look like it felt great.


As you can see from the video, the guy appeared to be in quite a bit of pain and stayed down on the ground for a while. According to the YouTube description, the incident ended his day on the field.

Listen, as a guy, I know how much nutshots can hurt sometimes – it’s pretty much every dude’s worst fear while participating in any sort of physical activity. With that being said…it’s a Wiffle Ball, dude. They’re not THAT hard, even when smoked off the bat.

Take some time to recover, regain your composure, and get back out there and finish your job if you don’t want to look like a huge sissy.

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