There are less than 10 days until the The World’s Biggest Soccer Tournament finally begins (without Landon Donovan) down in Brazil. And Samsung’s latest initiative is aimed to get viewers pumped for the start of one of the world’s best sporting events.

I see your dreams

Ever wondered what it is like to see the world through the eyes of a soccer ball? In Samsung’s latest ‘I See Your Dreams’ initiative, the company allows viewers to flip the script; that is, it allows viewers to see what it is like to become the rubber ball instead of the person kicking that ball.

‘I See Your Dreams’ — which is backed by a song of the same title that was created by Samsung — is aimed to show how the World’s Biggest Soccer Event, and soccer more generally, can help unite kids. There is a chance you might get just a wee-bit teary-eyed after watching the video.

But, at a simpler level, it’s a pretty rad look from the perspective of a soccer ball. The kids in the video dribble with it, shoot with it, and eventually go to sleep with it.

It’s a pretty accurate representation of how soccer dominates the globe and a nice reminder that almost anyone can enjoy the beautiful game as long as they have a rubber ball of some sort.

Look, I’ve played soccer my entire life, soccer balls go through hell and back over the course of a game. Watching the ball soar over the goal posts in the video is a pretty sick view.

Check it out.

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