Derek Jeter has pretty much done it all in his MLB playing career. The Captain is a living legend in New York and he commands respect around the league as evidenced by the fact that opposing teams are lining up to give him farewell gifts as if Jeter were a walking deity.

While baseball at large is trying to savor every last minute of Jeter’s Yankees career, he may not be out of baseball for long. It appears that Jeter is alreadyt thinking about what to do post-retirement and that includes owning a MLB team someday:

“That’€™s the next goal, buddy,” Jeter said. “Calling the shots, not answering to someone, that’€™s what interests me. I’€™d like to think I would be a good one.”

Much like how he conducted himself as a player, Jeter says that he’d be a quiet and unassuming owner. He has no interest in being a manager, seeing as how he’s already gone through that yearly grind for nearly two decades. Unfortunately for Pinstripes fans, if the Captain does end up owning a team, even he knows that it will be next to impossible to buy the Yankees:

“You got some money for me?”

Not even Derek Jeter has $1.85 billion to throw around.