All good things must come to an end. For Julia Collins, her streak of consecutive ‘Jeopardy!’ victories ends at 20.

Collins lost on her 21st appearance to Brian Loughnane on the trivia show which aired on Monday night.

If there’s any consolation for Collins, it will probably be found in her winnings as she managed to gather $428,100 during her streak. She is now the third-most money winner in ‘Jeopardy!’ history, trailing only Dave Madden and the legendary Ken Jennings (who may actually just be a really charismatic robot).

Collins leaves ‘Jeopardy!’ a whole lot richer than when she entered the competition and she’ll be back for the tournament of champions next season. For those who wish to emulate Collins’ success, the advice she has is simple:

I have a really good memory and I’m good at the buzzer,” Collins said on the morning show. “My strategy is really just to buzz in first and answer the questions right.”

See? ‘Jeopardy!’ is easy guys.

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