Doug Collins might be a graying (actually, just plain gray now), 62-year-old white guy, but that doesn’t mean he’s not hip to what all the kids are listening to these days. Err…the kids circa 2002, when Dougie was coaching Michael Jordan and the Washington Wizards, and rappers Birdman (who went by the name Baby back then) and The Clipse released “What Happened To That Boy”. Wednesday night, before Game 5 of the Pacers-Heat series, Sage Steele informed viewers that Heat center Chris “Birdman” Anderson would be sidelined for the second straight game in the series.

Sage’s announcement launched panelist Jalen Rose into the infamous bird call from the track, which Collins immediately picked up one, following with “what happened to that boy!” Meanwhile, Bill Simmons, who can now officially be considered the whitest NBA studio analyst across both TNT and ESPN, could only look on in amazement.