Shaquille O'nealThere was a fun exchange during Inside The NBA Sunday night, spurred by Charles Barkley, who talked about the great centers he faced who caused him to think twice about entering the lane during his playing days. He rattled off the usual suspects: Mutombo, Mourning, Mark Eaton and Manute Bol — four shot blocking giants he faced during his career. While Chuck was making his point, Inside‘s resident class clown, Shaquille O’Neal, took issue with his name being omitted, and interrupted with the following statement: “I’m seventh in blocks. Look it up.”

Okay, Shaq, will do!

Well, I’ll be damned! Turns out, Shaq is NOT seventh in blocks all time! As it turns out, Tim Duncan passed him quite a few blocks ago. According to Basketball Reference’s stats, ol’ Timmy leads Shaq by 59 blocks for seventh place all time. In all fairness, it’s possible (if not certain) that Duncan passed him this season, and nobody passed the memo to Shaq. However, in case you’re keeping score at home, this makes for two proclamations Shaq has made on Inside that are factually incorrect. I’m sure there are others, but I’m just too lazy to find them.