The trailer for Jay Z and Beyonce’s Run looks like it could be the best action movie in years! Unfortunately, the movie will be “coming never.” The trailer features cameos from Don Cheadle, Sean Penn, Blake Lively, Jake Gyllenhaal, Rashida Jones, and a whole lot more. Not only is it rated R for Roc Nation,  it’s directed by Melina Matsoukas, who has directed music videos for Beyonce, Rihanna, Robin Thicke, and Katy Perry.

Even though there is an elevator scene, Solange is absent from the entire trailer. No real surprise there though.  If you’re a fan of crazy car chases, strip clubs, explosions and lots of gunfire, then you’ll enjoy this action packed clip.

Jay and Bey will hit the road next month for their co-headlined “On The Run” Summer tour.