Pepsi is one of the biggest sponsors of the upcoming World Cup and they’ve already come up with some cool pieces of advertising to get us excited about soccer’s holy grail. First, they released this awesome commercial featuring some of the game’s biggest stars.

Now, they’re teasing a brand new vending machine that they’ll be distributing for use during the World Cup. The unique dispensaries include an interactive video game – basically a virtual “Kick-Ups” – that customers can play while getting their favorite soft drink.

Here’s some more details, via a Pepsi press release:

The interactive vending machine allows customers to show off their soccer skills utilizing Microsoft Kinect technology, with no purchase necessary. Users can create an avatar with their name and begin earning points immediately. Throughout the interactive experience, fans are encouraged to keep the virtual football in the air for 30 seconds as they move through a series of skills challenges. Advanced players can earn bonus time and compete for “Hall of Fame” recognition at each location.

Pretty awesome stuff, I hope I come across one of these and get to experience it myself.

[Dirty Tackle]