Steve KerrAfter striking out on Stan Van Gundy earlier this week, the Golden State Warriors applied the metaphorical full-court press in order to woo TNT analyst Steve Kerr from the grasp of Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks. Apparently, it worked, although it may not have taken much convincing. From a purely basketball standpoint, the Warriors present a much better situation going forward, as they have a roster primed and ready for another run in the competitive Western Conference. The same can’t be said for the dysfunctional Knicks, who missed the playoffs in one of the worst Eastern Conferences in history.

As for the owner Kerr will be working for, it remains to be seen how much Joe Lacob will allow his new man to operate, because the last guy (aka, the guy who took the Warriors to back-to-back playoff appearances) wore out his welcome pretty quick.