EA Sports is currently holding a fan vote to help decide which hockey star will grace the cover of their upcoming NHL 15 title- which looks awesome, by the way.

T.J. Oshie of the St. Louis Blues is one of eight players in the running for cover athlete and, as you can expect, the Blues really want you to support their guy and help him grace the video game’s cover. Like, they really want your support. Even if your Twitter handle has the word “c*nt” in it.

The Blues’ official Twitter account has been taking the time to thank voters who chose Oshie & shared their vote on Twitter, including a voter with the handle @THAT_[redacted]_BELOW, who dedicates his/her account to “POINTING OUT [redacted] ON A DAILY BASIS.” The account’s listed location? “[Redacted] SPOTTING.

Alrighty then.

There’s a good chance that this wasn’t the fault of any single person on the Blues’ social media team, but rather a big time fail on the part of social media campaign automation. Either way, the team may want to conduct a more extensive screening process to determine who they’re going to associate themselves with on social media from now on.