Willie Cauley-Stein is enjoying the temporary perks of the unfortunate ending to his season. The ankle injury he suffered in Kentucky’s Sweet Sixteen victory over Louisville turned into an ankle surgery a few days ago. Possibly due to the injury, Cauley-Stein also withdrew his name from this year’s loaded NBA draft pool of prospects; a draft that likely still would have landed him in the first round even with the current state of his ankle. Possibly, it was also because of this fan’s promise – and delivery – for a permanent Willie [pause] that Cauley-Stein stayed in blue for one more year.

Willie Cauley-Stein Tattoo

@THEwillieCS15 @KySportsRadio done pic.twitter.com/V6ZjmWdL2Y

— Michael Gray (@Therealmjeezy) April 19, 2014


But, hey. He is also a seven-foot, twenty year-old kid, wearing a bucket hat on a sweet-ass scooter, on a campus full of crazy/adorning fans, who had his year cut short by injury and will be spending the better part of his foreseeable future in rehab. Let the guy enjoy himself a little.