One of our favorite emcees in the game, Shad K, who recently sat down and talked hip-hop and NBA with us, surprised his fans with an unexpected treat this morning. It comes in the form of a two and a half minute track, titled “Draft Day”.

If you’re an enthusiast of Shad’s music, than you’re familiar with his affinity for lacing his lyrics with NBA and sports references. On this particular track, there is a plethora of just that, as he tackles the often debated subjects of college basketball players leaving early for the NBA, and also the developing dissension over whether college athletes should receive payment for their athletic services.

While lightheartedly tackling those issues, and also referencing some celebrated figures along the way (Coach K, Andrew Wiggins, DeMar DeRozan, Chris Webber, Ed O’Bannon, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith), Shad once again reaffirms on this track that his style and lyrical skill are one of a kind.

“If you want me to play, pay me. I can take free classes when I’m 80.”


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