Root for your team til you puke the team’s colors. Paint your face. Go crazy. But don’t get atrocious sports tattoos that will haunt you until your last living days. Especially do not get tattoos on your body guaranteeing a championship as this foolish Kentucky fan did. With sloppy font and a horrible faded color this is not a good tattoo. Then the handwritten “2014” looks like a 6-year-old wrote it. At least the spelling is correct on the tattoo, however I wish it wasn’t. The ink has replaced the “O” in “NATIONAL” with a “9” to represent Kentucky’s quest for their ninth NCAA tournament title that they can capture with a win over UConn on Monday night. God I hope Connecticut wins and this guy is forced to wear pants for the rest of his life or hope his leg hair grows even longer to cover up his faux pas.

Kentucky Fan With Dreadful 2014 "Nati9nal" Champions Tattoo