This is what the internet was built for. Some fine people who go by the name Sons Of Mim have created an entire album of parody songs that pay tribute to Game of Thrones. They of course cover Billy Idol with their song, Red Wedding, plus there’s “Arya Gonna Make Them Pay,” and an homage to Pearl Jam’s “Even Flow,” that sounds exactly like Eddie Vedder. Move over Weird Al Yankovic and “Amish Paradise,” there’s a new stupendous parody of “Gangsta’s Paradise.” Tiny Tyron Lannister is dropping bars in this amazing cover of Coolio’s 1995 smash hit song, “Gangsta’s Paradise” with the tremendous song “Lannista’s Paradise.” You can listen to them here and download it here.

Total Eclipse Of House Stark

Red Wedding

Even Flowdor

Dr****s in Essos