Apparently, getting your teacher fired, then posting a how-to guide on YouTube is what’s hot in the elementary school streets these days. The above video is a little more than a year old, but if you think this the work of just two Devil’s spawn, you’d be wrong. Apparently kids all over are doing it now: lying to their principals/parents, getting their teachers fired, then cackling with glee on YouTube:

“What first happened is we got the suckiest teacher ever,” the other boy said. “I forgot her name … but she’s gone.”

The boys went on to describe a discipline system the teacher had in place. It was a common tactic that included a warning system, a small writing punishment for minor offenses all the way up to getting sent to the principal’s office.

“Anyway, how we got her fired…we just kept going to the principal’s office and telling her [the teacher] was harassing us,” one of the boys said, adding that they eventually told their parents as well at which point formal reports were filed. They also described having hidden cameras on their clothes.

The beauty of this is that these dumbshits aren’t aware of the consequences of posting things on the Internet (although, one could argue they have no idea what “consequences” are, considering what they did to their “sucky” teacher). Thankfully, these douchenozzles-in-training have done all the legwork for us by revealing themselves to the world. Welcome to infamy, shitheads. Oh, and take that stupid hat off. You look ridiculous.