For those of you haven’t heard, Discovery Channel is in the midst of their second season of a show by the name of Naked and Afraid. The idea itself is presumably an effort to recreate a Garden of Eden like atmosphere that surely existed in primitive times. Or should we say simpler times. Who knows, either way, in those times, clothes were lunacy, evidently.

Obviously the real gag is that we are not living in those times, and in our time, clothes are an all-around necessity. There may be a certain kind of human that prefers to live in the forest sans garments, but chances are they would make for less entertaining television (though still entertaining).

Discovery Channel describes the show succinctly as, “one man and one woman attempt to survive together for 21 days — naked and afraid.

Good luck making that awkward!

As you may imagine, an abundance of painstaking situations arise where one cannot help but empathize.

But the real star of the show, in our opinion, is the show’s social media presence.  Hashtags, as you all know, are ways to associate your message with a certain movement or ideal.  So things like #GetMoney and #YOLO are ways for likeminded people to be really, really cool together.

That being said, the downside of that grouping is that you can get some hashtags that might not fit in with the other ones.  Take, for example, Discovery Channel’s brilliant social media marketing scheme.

#NakedAndAfraid seems like a logical choice for something that will trend, seeing as how it is literally the name of the show. But sometimes, that doesn’t translate all that well.  So while they’ll surely have plenty of tweets like this:

They’ll probably have equal, or more, tweets like this:

Your move Internet. The fate of this hashtag lies in your hands.