Lil Jon & DJ Snake’s new single “Turn Down For What” is one of the most popular songs on the club scene at the moment and the track’s accompanying music video hit the Internet. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check it out yet, it’s embedded above. It’s quite ridiculous and borderline NSFW.

But that also means that it’s pretty much a GIF goldmine, and I just couldn’t resist. Here are the gems:

My sex life, pretty much:

TD4W Hookups

How my break-up calls usually go:


Me watching the snowy “after dark” channels on my illegal cable box as a kid:


I imagine this is what a Viagra/steroid cocktail would look like:boner smash

Aggressive male hookup move:

Undressed TD4W

Aggressive female hookup move:

Sit On My Face TD4W

The best concussions you’ll ever get:

TD4W Sit On My Face 2

Crazy boner dance!

Boner Dance TD4W

Crazy boob dance!

TD4W Boobs

Inspect and serve:


Guy loves beer more than you love anything:

beer TD4W