The social media landscape has really evolved in the past few years and become much more subdued. Long gone are the days when you could plaster photographs of you drinking so much that soiled your pants and attempted to make out with your schnauzer on MySpace. Now your grandma, your Aunt Matilda and your boss are on Facebook observing and judging you. Even if you’re not friends with critical individuals on Facebook there is the possibility that lenders and future employers will evaluate you based on your social media. The LIVR app is here to rescue those of us who enjoy indulging in an adult beverage or thirty. First of all not everyone has access to the social network, only those who are shwasted enough to blow into the portable breathalyzer and have a high enough blood alcohol content. Once you are inebriated enough and can access the LIVR app you can play truth or dare with other drunkards. It also has a drunk dial feature that will save you the embarrassment of calling your ex-girlfriend, but it will contact a fellow sot for your to incoherently ramble to. The best part of the app is the “Blackout” button, where at any point you hit that magical button and it will erase the picture of you puking on the hood of that police car. So are you ready to share some bad decisions with complete strangers on your phone?