Credit: Bruce Bennett, Getty Images

Welp, it appears that Tim Thomas either doesn’t care what he looks like anymore or is hell-bent on becoming the Lady Gaga of hockey by making ridiculous fashion statements with his goalie gear.

Thomas’ debuted his latest hideous helmet during the Panthers’ matchup against the Islanders in Uniondale yesterday. The navy blue helmet looks like a standard skater’s helmet, but with a full cage and obnoxiously large white neck protector hanging from it. It looks more like some thrown-together headpiece you’d see worn by a beer league netminder, not a two-time Vezina winner.

And in case that wasn’t bad enough for you , the new mask comes just a few days after Thomas debuted a red, Panther-themed helmet that looked more like it belonged to a fighter pilot on acid.

Credit: @SyckHockey

Somebody get this old fart a stylist already.

[h/t Sporting News]