I am hoping that college basketball dinosaurs don’t use this as a soapbox for complaining about storming the court, but it will for no doubt serve as that. Following the Utah Valley State’s 66-61 overtime win over New Mexico State on Thursday night, students stormed the court and it ended up in fans of both teams and some players getting into some minor fights.

The LA Times has a recap of the brief melee:

The altercation in Orem, Utah, was ignited by New Mexico State’s K.C. Ross-Miller, who threw the basketball about 20 feet downcourt in apparent frustration after the buzzer sounded, striking Utah Valley State’s Holton Hunsaker, the coach’s son.

D.K. Eldridge of New Mexico State became engulfed in a horde of students who had swarmed the court, most presumably to celebrate the victory while others took part in fisticuffs.

Video of the incident doesn’t make it particularly clear as to who first started throwing punches, but it’s apparent that many were thrown, several by Utah Valley State students and spectators.

At least one New Mexico State player tumbled to the court but coaches, administrators and security personnel separated players and fans within 30 seconds after the start of the melee.

Cue the NCAA purists.