photo (2)Ever wondered what Marvin Gaye and Mos Def’s music would sound like if it were combined into one perfect concoction? What about a mash-up of two of the most legendary hip-hop groups of all time, A Tribe Called Quest and Outkast?

You shall wait no longer for this incredible shit. While Nappy DJ Needles’ Tribe and ‘Kast mash-up has been floating around the internet for a little while now, thanks to Amerigo Gazaway and Bandcamp, the union of the impassioned music of both Marvin Gaye and Yasiin (Mos Def) Bey was also released for stream and download earlier today.

Yasiin Gaye features The Mighty Mos’ lyrics over that soulful, funky, Motown goodness that Marvin used to churn out in the 60’s and 70’s. While A Tribe Called Kast displays Andre 3000 and Big Boi’s verbal artistry over some of A Tribe Called Quest’s most classic and celebrated tracks. The final product of both mash-up albums, is everything that is right about music.

Stream or download both below.

Yasiin Gaye:

A Tribe Called Kast:



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