Utah JazzIn the wake of the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin “bullying” incident last fall, the NBA sent a memo to all 30 teams to reiterate the league’s laundry list of activities that could be considered acts of bullying and/or hazing. Aside from standard workplace no-nos (no physical abuse; no abuse based on race, religion, gender, age, sexuality; intimidation), the league also included some items that are commonplace among work environments where everyone is making millions of dollars. This includes forcing rookies to pick up unreasonable meal tabs, among other entertainment costs that would only benefit others.

A donut run probably doesn’t fall under the category of “unreasonable” (unless it’s for Raymond Felton), and that’s all the Utah Jazz veterans asked recently of rookie center Rudy Gobert. Unfortunately, Gobert dropped the ball on his donut-buying task, and paid a steep price for showing up to practice empty handed.

Utah Jazz[BleacherReport, images via]

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