Stephon Marbury is still chugging along in the Chinese Basketball Association, playing for with the Beijing Ducks, the team he helped win the 2012 CBA championship. However, an incident in a recent game against the Shandong Flaming Bulls led to a much less joyous situation, as Marbury found himself locked up in some sort of arena prison, which is apparently how they roll over there in China.

At one point in the game, Bulls player Wu Ke got tangled with Marbury after Marbury had thrown an elbow at Ke’s teammate, Sui Ran. The tussle under the basket led to Marbury throwing a punch, being ejected, and banished to said prison cell. Of course, it could be that he was merely locked out of the arena, but based on the photo, we’re really hoping it’s some sort of basketball penalty box (paging Adam Silver!).

Stephon Marbury[BDL]