If you found yourself in the Los Angeles area a couple weekends ago with some free time on your hands, you were in for quite a treat. Recently, at Gallery KM, an exhibit based around never before seen photos (which are previewed in minimal fashion below) of Reggae legend Bob Marley and his time and travels through Jamaica in the mid-1970’s were unveiled to the general public. The photos which were taken by photographer Kim Gottlieb-Walker, will be presented by Reggae historian, Roger Steffens, who toured with Marley and has written handfuls of books on the music icon.

Steffens, who is as familiar with Marley as anyone, shared some of his vivid memories and thoughts of the beloved reggae idol with LA Weekly.

Steffens: “He transcends show business. He is a moral figure. He was a man who preached a message that we should be better than we are, that there is a meaning to our lives.”



Steffens: “There are dozens of misconceptions about Bob. People think he was just a stoned out freak who was smoking dope all the time. On the contrary I think he was one of the most disciplined human beings I’ve ever met in my life.”