Photo via @Bieber_rose
Photo via @Bieber_rose

Justin Bieber recently showed up unannounced to a club hockey practice session in Atlanta, and he even joined the team for the skate around. The Bieber sighting took place at the Marietta Ice Center in east Cobb County and it apparently didn’t last too long.

According to Access Atlanta:

“There were only about 40 people there,” Ruggiero told us. Her brother, Jacob Ruggiero, was playing hockey there when Bieber and friends showed up. Being the world’s greatest brother, Jacob called his sister to alert her, and she and Ally headed on down.
“Two limos pulled up and Justin walked right out with his entourage,” Alex said. “He skated a while and then said hey to a few of my friends. He was there for about an hour. Initially he was allowing people to take pictures of him but then he was like nah, and then got really annoyed at everyone and left.”

Well, there you have it.

Here is video of the Biebs playing hockey.

And here is a little more footage.


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