As a life-long Seattleite, I can tell you that one of the funnier phenomenons about locals is their strict adherence to all pedestrian laws — specifically, jaywalking. It could be 25 degrees and blizzard conditions, with no cars in sight, and people will still stand on a street corner, waiting for the red hand to flip to to the walk signal before going about their way. It’s bizarre, but as someone who once had a cop turn on his lights and siren to stop and scold me for daring to cross a two-lane arterial against a light, it’s understandable (jaywalking tickets are a thing, people).

Anyway, last night, the “no jaywalking” effect was on full display in Ballard, as Seahawks fans reveling in the glory of the city’s first major sports championship in 35 years waited politely for the signal to change before getting back to that whole “celebrating a Super Bowl win” thing.