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A sequel to the 2010 film Hot Tub Time Machine is set to hit theaters on Christmas Day of 2014, according to Deadline:

Paramount will release MGM‘s Hot Tub Time Machine sequel wide on December 25, 2014, the studio just announced. Paramount came aboard in December as worldwide distributor for the pic, after MGM/UA released the first one in 2010 and grossed a so-so $50.3 million domestically (it scored better digitally and on-demand).

Perfect timing with this news being released on Friday, by the way, as Hot Tub Time Machine is showing on TBS multiple times Friday night.

Deadline notes that Hot Tub Time Machine did better digitally and on-demand, and that’s no surprise as many of us rolled our eyes at the movie upon its release. But, word eventually spread that the movie is pretty damn fantastic as long as you don’t take it too seriously (and if you are taking a movie titled ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ seriously, that’s your own problem), and the Hot Tub Time Machine popularity grew greatly over the last couple of years.

Rob Corddry (Lou), Craig Robinson (Nick), and Clark Duke (Jacob) all return for the sequel, but John Cusack (Adam) will not. However, Adam Scott (you may know him best as Derek in Step Brothers) will effectively replace Cusack in the sequel, although with a new character. I think most would feel that Scott is better suited for the wacky style of Hot Tub Time Machine than Cusack is anyway.

Rather than going back to the 80s like they did in the first film, the guys will use the hot tub time machine to travel into the future for the sequel.