McKenzie Jane Brown wants to go see her Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl really, really bad. Like get a Seahawks tattoo on her head bad. The hairstylist from Washington is proudly showing her support for the Seahawks these days thanks to her new look.

It all started when Brown heard that a radio station was giving away two tickets to Seattle’s divisional playoff game against the New Orleans Saints to the fan who had the best Seahawks-themed pic. So Brown went to the next level by shaving the side of her head and having her tattoo artist husband brand the team’s 12th Man logo onto her head. Awesome right? Awesome right up until she didn’t win. She came in second place, behind a fan who didn’t mess up their body for all eternity by dressing up as a Seahawks-themed Batman. Bummer.

However Brown is not giving up, her friend sent a video documenting her plight to go to a Seahawks game to Ellen DeGeneres. However she has another brilliant idea of getting “Ellen” tattooed on her head because the first tattoo worked out so well. Talk about birdbrained.