With the Seahawks set to play in the Super Bowl this weekend, a couple of new Seattle parents celebrated by using their fandom to ruin their newborn child’s life forever.

(Just kidding…kind of.)

To honor the Seahawks and their famous “12th Man” home field advantage, the Mann family named their new daughter ‘Cydnee Leigh 12th.’ Yes, her middle name is 12th. With the numbers. If you’re going to be that cruel, at least show some mercy and name her ‘Twelfth.’

Also worth noting that the spelling of her first name is atrocious as well.

You gotta feel for this poor kid. She has no idea that she’s in for a world of hurt as she grows up. As for the parents, they’d be receiving a call from DSS immediately if I had my say.

After all, everybody knows the only acceptable number name is ‘Seven.’

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