Apologies for marking up the curse word, but there are kids that read this site. It appears that NIN frontman, Trent Reznor was none too pleased with the Grammy’s when the powers that be cut short his performance of “Hesitation Marks.” He took to Twitter to express his delight.

Rolling Stone has some more context:

The awards show had been running about 15 minutes late by the time Nine Inch Nails took the stage with Queens of the Stone Age, Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham and Dave Grohl. The supergroup was able to play two songs – NIN’s “Copy of A” and most of Queens of the Stone Age’s “My God Is the Sun” – before the TV network ran ads for its programming and for an airline sponsor, all with the music going on in the background. Considering the group members had all played together in various configurations, the rest of their set remained a mystery to TV viewers. In actuality, according to RS reporters in attendance, the set ended shortly after the broadcast ended. And perhaps unbeknownst to Trent, the final performance of the Grammy telecast is often pre-empted by closing remarks and ads.


[Death and Taxes]