The Portland Trail Blazers announced a few months back that they were bringing back the (Pacific Northwest) famous drinking glasses made available at Dairy Queen locations in the early 90s. They also released a video of the designers at Sincerely, Truman recreating the beauty and nostalgia of the Drexler-Porter-Kersey-Uncle Cliffy Blazers teams that could have won a ring or two if there wasn’t that guy named Michael Jeffrey. Today, the release schedule was announced with the home games where these glasses will be given to ticket purchasers. Portlandians, take note:

February 19 LaMarcus Aldridge (v San Antonio)

February 26 Robin Lopez (v Brooklyn)

March 5 Damian Lillard (v Atlanta)

March 30 Wesley Matthews (v Memphis)

April 13 Nicolas Batum (v Golden State)

* * * * *

As a young lad growing up on Blazer soil, nothing brings more joy to my heart and soul than these remixed glasses. Gotta run – 5 tickets to go buy right now.


[The Columbian]