The KHL held its annual All-Star skills competition this weekend and it further cemented the idea that Russia is the weirdest place on Earth.

Honestly, though. If you don’t believe me, here’s a GIF of winger Yegor Milovzorov wearing a fish hat made out of tin foil while executing the strangest shootout maneuver you’ve ever seen in your life:


I’m not quite sure if sticking the puck in your mouth and diving head-first into the goal is a legal hockey move, but then again…it is Russia, where normal rules need not apply.

But we’re not done there. Goalie Konstantin Barulin (awesome name) went sans jersey on his end of the ice and did his best to intimidate the opposing shooters:


And it looks like even the mascots went a little overboard with the vodka before their game:

2014-01-14 12_41_58

And just in case you thought the fans in attendance were normal:

Never change, Russia.

[The Score via Last Angry Fan]