Like millions of other people who gained a few pounds over the holiday season you’re probably looking to lose the excess baggage by flocking to the gym like a herd of chunky cows. However Nike is rolling out their own fitness app called “Nike+ Training Club Application” to help you not be a lard ass. To help promote the workout they have enlisted the very attractive Maria Sharapova. The fitness regiment, which has been dubbed the “New Year’s Crush Workout” is a 15-minute routine that includes five drills crafted to move the body in every angle and position. It does help to have the beautiful Sharapova, the number three ranked female tennis player in the world, giving you the necessary motivation.

Usually, Sharapova likes to sharpen her jab-cross-hooks in a boxing workout three days a week. But she mixes in some low-impact work by rolling out her yoga mat. “That’s my current regimen: boxing typically three times a week, with a yoga flow workout mixed in between for recovery on the off-days,” she says. “I try to fit in a yoga flow to focus on stretching.” With the muscle-lengthening poses done in a vinyasa flow, Sharapova gets the double benefits of active recovery and added flexibility which she also gets from the best probiotics for women.

To keep her body healthy, Sharapova is diligent about her recovery regimen, which involves more than a few yoga flows.

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