Curved 105-Inch 4K HDTV’s By LG & Samsung

Unfortunately you will not be able to plop one of these enormous 105-inch ultra-high definition television sets in your living room in time for the Super Bowl, but hopefully by next year. This enormously wide field of view TV sports not 1080p, but a remarkable 2160p. This 4K will provide four times the display quality of a normal television and true color accuracy. The curved screen give viewers a better, immersive picture which allow them take full advantage of ultra HD video. However state-of-the-art technology does come at a price and LG’s model will cost a whopping $69,999.

Samsung has it’s own 105-inch curved behemoth. This new UHD TV features a new proprietary picture quality algorithm that can deliver optimized color and feeling of depth. It also features a ‘Quadmatic Picture Engine’ which Samsung claims can deliver all content in UHD-level picture quality. The Samsung’s 105-inch curved UHD TV boasts of a screen resolution of 5120×2160 pixels with 21:9 aspect ratio. To keep up with all these high resolution televisions Netflix announced that it would be providing 4K content in the second quarter of this year and all Netflix original programming will be shot and finished in 4K.