Beer, is there anything it can’t fix? Bad family relationships. Tough day at work. And now fires. Off-duty Houston firefighter Capt. Craig Moreau and his wife were driving home after a trip to Austin on Monday night when they spotted an 18-wheeler on fire. Moreau quickly jumped on the fiery scene and assisted the trucker in putting out the blaze with a small fire extinguisher. Just when they thought they had defeated the fire, Moreau crawled under the rig to discover the fire had returned. The extinguisher was depleted so the firefighter asked the driver what he was hauling, to which he responded, “Beer.” The men then feverishly began shaking and spraying cans of beer on the blaze and extinguished the fire. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the loss of beer was catastrophic.

Texas firefighter uses beer to extinguish truck tire blaze