Pop Quiz, hot shot. It’s 11 am on a Sunday, you’re regretting every single one of the nine Fireball shots you took the night before, your head is pounding and your stomach is growling. You go online to order delivery, but oh damn, you left your debit card at the bar. Three dollars in the wallet. What do you do? What do you do?

Hit up the fridge, baby!

Last week on Fridge Findings we banged out a semi-healthy slow cooker pork salad that was light and fun, but this week we’re getting heavy on the heart with a hangover destroying plate Swedish meatball french fries. Yeah, that’s right. You’re probably thinking that you’ve never heard of it before, and that’s because you haven’t, neither did I until I decided to make it the other day. Now I’m not one to brag, but I am fully confident in saying that I nailed it with this one. Trust me.

So, we start out with leftover homemade Swedish meatballs, none of that Ikea shit.


Like I got into last week, whatever meat you choose is fine. Obviously not every jabroni with a hangover has Swedish meatballs lying around, use what you got. But for this one, keep it kind of fatty (no grilled chicken).

And, some fries I found in the freezer…


We’re gettin’ after it.