Kendall LangfordIf you’re not watching the Rams-Seahawks game, you’re really missing out on some incredible officiating. It’s been a chippy game, no doubt, with Rams players seemingly still not over that whole Golden Tate taunting thing (Tate has been lit up left and right all afternoon). But the Rams aren’t doing themselves any favors, as they’ve racked up so many personal foul penalties, that the Seahawks can’t even accept the majority of them because, well, you can’t assess three 15-yard penalties in one play.

The cherry on the shit sundae of officiating came in the third quarter, when the Rams’ Kendall Langford was arguing with an official, and became a little too animated, whacking another official, who ejected Langford for “contact with an official”. It was a pretty solid hit, but clearly unintentional. As Langford walked off the field, he went into full meltdown mode, and tossed his helmet. The Seahawks scored a touchdown on the drive, and on the ensuing kick-off, the Rams were assessed to more penalties that pinned them even further back in their own territory. One was for “verbal assault of an official”, which sounds like something they just made up because, fuck it, why the hell not?