Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys

Jon Kitna, once former NFL quarterback, 1997 World Bowl MVP, and “list of NFL quarterbacks who have passed for 400 or more yards in a game” appearer, has come out of retirement for presumably one more game to backup Kyle Orton following Tony Romo’s likely season-ending injury.

Kitna was signed to the veteran’s minimum and will be paid $55,294 for his one game of service. But instead of pocketing what’s more than an average American’s yearly salary for standing on the sideline and looking like he’s uttering things of importance into a headset, Kitna has stated he will donate it Lincoln High School or Tacoma Washington, his alma mater where he’s currently a math teacher and their football coach.

That’s the spirit of Christmas, Saint Kitna!

Kitna, who was signed sight unseen by Jason Garrett, started 10 games for the Cowboys in 2010 following a broken collarbone sustained to Tony Romo, so this isn’t exactly unfamiliar territory.

Regardless of whether he gets any snaps (in case something happens to Kyle Orton and his newly fabulous hair), it’s a great gesture for Kitna to donate the money to a place that really needs it: our public schools. No word yet on whether the Tacoma School District is sending a thank you note to Tony Romo.

Also wanted to take the time to let you all know this video exists:

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