It’s pretty much common knowledge that hockey players are the toughest and craziest group of professional athletes you’ll ever come across; some will even make you question if they are even mortal humans (See: Stamkos, Steven) or just passing, shooting, skating droids that will eventually kill us all one day.

However, you don’t need to look much further than Tricia Drummond to discover that hockey fans are quite tough themselves sometimes.

Drummond, a Capitals fan and hockey player herself, took a puck off the head late in the third period of yesterday’s Caps-Flyers game in Washington, opening up a pretty nasty cut on her forehead that would require stitches to repair.

Those stitches would have to wait though, as Drummond refused repairs until the game was over despite leaking quite heavily from her skull.

The Caps trailed by one goal with just over three minutes left to play in regulation when Drummond suffered the injury, but they managed to tie the game up and force OT before winning 5-4 in a shootout. Faith rewarded.

Drummond wound up getting five stitches following the game but said it was worth it to see her team pull out the victory. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Capitals reached out to her to show thanks for her intense loyalty and dedication.

[Larry Brown Sports]