In today’s sporting world, gracing the cover of a video game has become an honor on par with receiving an All-Star nod or being named an All-Pro. However, for every Lebron James, Barry Sanders and Derek Jeter there is a Keith Van Horn, a Peyton Hillis and an Eric Chavez; cover boys that were very good but not quite superstar material.

Click through the slides to take a look at some of the more bizarre players to adorn a video game cover.

This year the good folks at Monster have provided with a few sets of those headphones to giveaway.  You can enter the contest HERE to win the following prize pack, which ain’t too shabby.

Here’s what the prize pack includes:
1. A Pair of MVP Carbon Ultra High Definition gaming headphones
2. EA SPORTS 16 Bit Collection T-shirt
2. EA SPORTS Exclusive Headwear