George KarlAs Founder and President of the “George Karl Truther Movement”, it is my sworn duty to expose the inconvenient truths about Karl’s career. Finding evidence to support those truths is easy, because Karl doesn’t even really ever go out of his way to provide it — it just naturally occurs. Last spring’s first round exit was an especially satisfying moment, especially after he recently accused one of his own players of sabotaging their efforts. See, this shit practically writes itself.

Today, Karl proved he really is the gift that keeps on giving. ESPN’s Jay Williams tweeted out a quote from the former Denver Nuggets head coach — a criticism of a certain other former Nuggets employee:


Do you want to know who else doesn’t produce championships? GEORGE KARL. If you are an NBA employee, and work for a team coached by Karl, you can make annual vacation plans for pretty much any time in May. The best part is, Karl can conveniently blame players for any playoff exits, and star players in particular (he famously butted heads with Gary Payton, too). Then, he goes on TV and charms audiences with his big smile and refreshing takes on the NBA — by ESPN standards, of course. Every so often, he wears his precious Space Needle tie, which melts the hearts of Sonics fans everywhere.

But the last thing Karl should be doing is criticizing anyone for failing to win a championship, because, given the resources and opportunities, nobody has failed more than George Karl.