Rich GuyWell, folks, it’s official: we’ve found the most absurd “eff u” in the history of divorces. A Michigan man (who we only know as “Alan”), along with his new girlfriend daughter Tiffany, moved into the house next door to his ex-wife, and promptly built a statue of a middle finger facing her residence. “Alan” didn’t stop there, as he situated spotlights around the statue so his ex would have a 24/7 reminder of his feelings towards her.

The ex’s daughter is the one feeling the full force of the structure: “[I]ts hard for me to enjoy my baths now because my fav tub is in my moms bathroom which faces out towards tif and alans house.” (insert frowny face)

It must be noted that this epic act of trolling is going down on a lakefront property in Michigan’s apparently very posh Bloomfield Hills neighborhood (perhaps one of our lovely readers can tell us what life is like there), so it’s nothing an army of attorneys can’t sort out.


UPDATE: “Alan” has been identified as Alan Markovitz, a Detroit-area strip club king, and Tiffany is not his new girlfriend, but his 17-year-old daughter from a previous relationship:

Markovitz has a 17-year-old daughter from a previous relationship who lives with him. He was married for two years to a woman he met at a friend’s birthday party at an Auburn Hills restaurant. But they recently divorced. He said his wife, a native of Slovakia, was cheating on him with someone he knew. She moved in with the guy two days after moving out of the house.

“He broke the Man Code. He’s a total freakin’ asshole,” Markovitz says. “Real men don’t do that to another guy.”