Looking to have a few brewskis at your favorite NFL team’s game? Well the price can vary greatly depending on the stadium you’re at. Shockingly both New York teams offer the cheapest brew along with Cleveland, Cincinnati, Houston, San Diego and Tennessee. However if you’re looking to party in Oakland in the Black Hole it will cost you a pricey $9.75. If we look at the BPO (Beer Per Once), the most expensive beer is in Dallas (I think Jerry Jones’ consumption drives up the price) and Detroit where they charge $0.53 per ounce for their cheapest beer. One would think that the cheapest beer would come from the Jaguars who are driving their fans to drink with their 1-8 record, but it’s actually the Carolina Panthers who offer the most inexpensive beer at $0.27 per ounce or $6.00 for a 22-ounce beer. The average cost for a small draft beer at NFL games this season is $7.05, which is actually down from last year.

Cost Of Beer In Every NFL Stadium