Denver Broncos practice at Dove Valley Fans around the country are scratching their heads as Broncos’ guard John Moffitt has decided to put issues surrounding health first, leaving a talented Denver squad in order to pursue a new life outside of the NFL. As research regarding head injuries, has brought about alarming findings, the former University of Wisconsin standout, is choosing to take no chances in regards to his quality of life later on down the line. Point blank, Moffitt must already be experiencing traumatic effects from his days on the gridiron and for a young man, this has to be cause for concern. Bravo to Moffitt for having his priorities truly in order and best of luck to him in the future. Money or health? For Moffitt, the choice was easy.

According to Moffitt:

“I’m not trying to be the poster boy for ‘Oh, I thought I should leave because of concussions.’ I’m just saying, it’s a valid point,” Moffitt said. “I love the game and I respect the game and everybody who plays it knows what they risk and I knew what I risked when I played, and I’m no longer willing to risk it.” “I don’t care about the Super Bowl. I don’t,” Moffitt insisted. “I used to. I mean, anytime I played this game, I gave my heart to it and I’m a person that does things with his heart. … I don’t need the Super Bowl experience. I played in great stadiums and I played against great players. And I had that experience and it’s enough.”

  • Lineman opted not to return to Broncos after going home to Seattle during bye week
  • The Broncos put him on their reserve/left team list on Tuesday when they activated center J.D. Walton from the physically unable to perform list.
  • They have five days to formally release Moffitt, who left more than $1 million on the table, including about $312,500 for the remainder of this season and $752,500 in non-guaranteed salary in 2014.
  • Moffitt, who signed a four-year contract for nearly $3 million after Seattle made him the 75th overall draft pick in 2011, said he knows teammates and fans don’t understand how he could forgo the fame and fortune of pro football.