For five years, Detroit Lions safety Louis Delmas has been the proud owner of a pet alligator named Mojo. This week, though, Delmas realized it was probably time to get rid of the pet gator.

The fifth-year safety received an alligator egg in his rookie season as a gift from former teammate Ernie Sims. That egg eventually hatched and gave Delmas a new pet, one that would eventually grow into the six-foot reptile that it is today.

Delmas was housing the 6-foot alligator in a 36-square-foot tank in his basement up until a few days ago, when Mojo was picked up by Allen Park Critter Shop. Delmas decided to give away his pet when teammate Kevin Ogletree, who is planning on moving in with the safety, said he wasn’t comfortable sharing a residence with the gator.

Can’t say I blame him.