Two years ago, while the NBA was neck-deep in a lockout, NBA TV launched the fantastic roundtable discussion show Open Court, an hour-long retrospective that covered all things NBA — and from the varied perspectives of the diverse roster of on-air talent spread across the Turner family. As TNT’s resident white guy (as we all know, Brent Barry and Ernie Johnson are honorary brothers, by virtue of being a slam dunk champion and, well, Ernie Johnson, respectively), Steve Kerr often brings a different angle to the lively discussions.

During Tuesday night’s episode, the discussion turned to pre-game meals, which inspired Kerr to share a fantastic story about his old Chicago Bulls teammate Toni Kukoc, and his epic pre-game ritual. Stories like these are why we watch Open Court religiously. Also, for once, it was nice to hear a story about Kukoc that didn’t involve Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen completely demoralizing him in the 1992 Olympics.